Sao Paulo hosting the 31st edition of Congresso Internacional

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Juan Suquillo y otro profesores en Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil’s populous city, has witnessed the 31st edition of the international conference of Latin America and Caribbean Muslims.

According to many news websites, more than 400 scholars and religious figures from more than 50 countries have attended the event including the Islamic Center in Ecuador – Mezquita Assalam represented by Dr. Juan Suquillo, the Center’s president and director.

The main theme of the event was “Teaching Arabic Languages in Latin American and Caribbean Countries”, yet many representatives of the Arabic religious entities were present and among the participants, including the Lebanese and Jordanian Dar al-Ifta, and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Da'wah and Guidance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which was very noticeable as well.

The conference has also discussed the importance of critical topics affecting the Muslims World, like Quds (Palestine), extremism, and coexistence.

The event was very fruitful and rich of ideas and initiatives aiming at strengthening and supporting the Islamic communities’ contributions for a peaceful world.

Lastly, it's important to mention that such cultural and scientific seminars, symposiums or conferences do play the greatest role of solidifying and empowering the Muslim Ummah bridging any differences and spreading the sublime morals and values of Islam.

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